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Habaieb FM Radio is collaborating with Tasaoul Training & Consultants to offer a training course designed mainly for Qatar residents who desire to be a professional Radio Presenter. All training sessions can be booked at any time to suit your own situation.


All our Radio Presenter Training Courses are designed for people at all levels of radio. Those who've never presented radio and radio presenters wanting to improve their style, presentation & production ideas and unique content.

Our Radio Training Courses are for beginners up to advanced levels. During your training you'll present mini programme announcements and production elements with music. If you're a beginner you'll be given relevant scripts, including traffic, news, weather, requests and an advert/commercials to read. You'll present some ad lib announcements and play music (which we'll play in from this end). This kind of mini show forms part of your basic training, which you'll find fun, informative & challenging. Who knows it might even reveal more about your personality and communication skills then you first thought!

If you're a beginner we'll give you an honest and professional opinion on your radio presenting flair, style and delivery. Professional Habaieb Presenters will establish if you're in with a good chance of getting into radio and he'll also give you a good idea of what you can expect in the profession. Register now to be one of us. 

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Training Fee : QAR 2250.00

Walk in applicants are welcome.

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